FULL ALBUM: Shekhinah – RoseGold [EP/ZIP/MP3 Download]


Shekhinah – RoseGold

FULL ALBUM: Shekhinah – RoseGold | Ep/Mp3/Zip/Album Download

The golden voiced vocalist and talented song writer, Shekhinah has announced that she will be dropping her album in October. The album is aptly titled Rose Gold and is set to establish her arrival into the music scene.

She has already given us a taste of what we can expect from the project when she released Suited a few months ago. The song was well received and saw the video reach over 450 000 views on YouTube in less than a month.

Rose Gold is described as “shifting naturally between pop and RnB” with hints of “minimalist EDM grooves heavily dosed with funkified swing”. How intricate and exciting is this? The sound we are promised on this album is definitely new and interesting and we have no doubt that Shekhinah will effortlessly own it.

The album is set to take listeners through the many moods of the singer as she tells fresh stories about life as well as lost and gained love. The 12 track album features Rouge, Mariechan and Asali.

The album is available for pre-order on iTunes.

Shekhinah – RoseGold Tracklist

1: Shekhinah – Into The Jungle
2: Shekhinah – Jungle
3: Shekhinah – The Sound (ft Asali)
4: Shekhinah – Overdoze
5: Shekhinah – Just Fine
6: Shekhinah – Different (ft Mariechan)
7: Shekhinah – Anyway I Want
8: Shekhinah – Thirsty
9: Shekhinah – Power To She (ft Rouge)
10: Shekhinah – Please Mr.
11: Shekhinah – Rosegold
12: Shekhinah – Suited


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