FULL ALBUM: House Victimz – Victimized Vol.1 EP [ZIP/MP3 Download] & Tracklist.


House Victimz – Victimized Vol.1

Download House Victimz – Victimized Vol.1 (Album) | EP/ZIP/MP3 Download

The prolific duo of DJ Shiloe and DJ Poizenthat make up South Africa’s real house and electronic music group, House Victimz, have now released their highly-anticipated debut album. Titled “Victimized Vol.1,” this album is one that helps the disc jockeys and producers reach a milestone of their exciting musical careers.

The “Victimized Vol.1” album has been a long time in the making. In fact, the project of musical art has experienced delays and its release date had to be shifted a few times. The issue had to do with major label deals, including their signature with Universal Studios.

The album features such notable names asCani B, Roque, DJ Twitty, Andy Boy, Zothea, Bonj, Kaleido, Jozlina, Cyburmusic, Una, CJ Stones, D-Zire, Bones, Sophiatown, Mthndazo Gatya, Kenny Allen, Vitoto and more.

We have waited for this piece for a while so we’ve gotten right into its thick, heat and depth. We also invite you to do the same. Cop and share your thoughts below.

House Victimz – Victimized Vol.1 Tracklist


1. House Victimz – Didn’t You?-House Victimz, Una
2. House Victimz – Sobuya Sibonane
3. House Victimz – Beautiful Adventure
4. House Victimz – Uthando (HVSA 2017 Remix)
5. House Victimz – It’s Love
6. House Victimz – Sax Machine
7. House Victimz – Impilo Ethekwini (HVSA Remix)
8. House Victimz – Ixesha
9. House Victimz – Fly Away
10. House Victimz – Shine
11. House Victimz – First Lesson
12. House Victimz – Butterfly
13. House Victimz – Grooving
14. House Victimz – Take it Personal
15. House Victimz – The Saxes
16. House Victimz – Sane Aliens
17. House Victimz – Village Mafias
18. House Victimz – Tribute to Queen Modjadji
19. House Victimz – Amen for 8 Year’s Prayer (2017 Dream Remix)
20. House Victimz – Ohm’s Law
21. House Victimz – L.A. Anthem


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